About Us

About Us

The staff of Chezena has come together from Spa and business backgrounds. We are results-oriented professionals with experience in managing both consumer and spa product marketing. Our responsible business practices and the fundamentals are driving the growth in the Spa & cosmetic market in the Middle East.

We have worked closely with our products domestically and internationally in creating powerful product and marketing programs especially for the Gulf & Middle East market. By doing so, we have developed a unique understanding of SPA operations and the products that are used to enhance their profitability. Our team is well respected in the spa and wellness community. In fact, some of the most forward thinking executives on both the product and facility management side of the business are on our Advisory Board.

Chezena is the first phase of a multi-revenue stream company that expects to develop other business units in both the SPA and consumer side of the wellness industry. The company focuses on the “Healthy Living Market” in which spas are one segment of a $400 billion market—a market trending toward $500 billion in five years. As a result, we are streamlining the buying process for busy executives and consumers and opening dialogues for companies to both new and existing buyers of wellness products and services

Chezena Company is passionate about providing only natural products made fresh for each order from the highest quality ingredients Chezena is passionate about providing only natural products, made fresh for each order from the highest quality ingredients. It is our simple belief that spa products should deliver relaxing and beneficial results, that combine to create a balance between body and soul.

When the body is nourished, the soul can be balanced and nourished as well.

Chezena' products do not contain any ingredients which commonly cause allergies or reactions to sensitive skin. As with use with any product, those with skin conditions or reactions should always check with their dermatologist prior to use. We do not provide any medical advice or claims but do guarantee that all ingredients are disclosed and explained for all products sold.

Our Mission

Chezena is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality in products, training & support around the year to ensure that beauticians achieve the highest level of the professionalism.   



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