Our Body Treatments

We offer you a chance to indulge and unwind with the experience of being pampered with our luxurious variety of body treatments. 

A way to love yourself..

Tibetan Massage (60 mins.)

Tibetan massage is done by lubricating the body with warm oil. This has been practiced as an old therapy in Tibet for centuries, eventually getting named after its originating area. This massage therapy aids by re-equilibrating the body and its energy flow. It allows the mind to relax and release mental tension and stress, offering a relief of post menopause syndrome, Wind disorder and sleep disorders. Those who have had the experience of the Tibetan massage had improved metabolism, better sleep, higher energy levels, elevated mood and improved appetite.

Swedish Massage (60 mins.)

Swedish massage is perfect for a first-time massage session. It is also suitable for relaxing or managing minor pain. This type of massage is a mixture of circular motions, join movement techniques, kneading and flowing strokes in the direction of the heart. These motions aid in releasing muscle knots.

Hot Stone Massage (60 mins.)

Hot stone massage is a type of therapy that helps you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues. Basalt volcanic rocks are heated and places on specific parts of your body that provide relief to distress and pain. This type of massage works amazing with muscle pain, reducing stress, promoting sleep, relieving symptoms of autoimmune diseases and boosting immunity.

Chocolate Massage (60 mins.)

Our Chocolate Massage is a luxurious therapy session based in real chocolate that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin and enriches the body and soul. Cocoa is known for stimulating the production and secretion of endorphins in the brain, aiding in anxiety and stress. The touch and smell of chocolate creates a relaxing and one-of-a-kind experience.

Coffee Massage (60 mins.)

 Roasted coffee beans are ground and then infused in massage oil just for you! This treatment begins with a Coffee Scrub that exfoliates and polishes the body. The scrub is followed by an indulgent full body massage with warmed coffee oil. Coffee is fantastic in reducing puffiness of the skin and reducing inflammation. It is also good for reducing redness and cellulite appearance.

Gold Massage (60 mins.)

Our Gold massage is done with luxurious gold oil that leaves a soft, fragrant and radiant result. The skin takes on a brilliant look with a noticeable mild golden shine.  This massage service is perfect for a pre-occasion massage.

Pearl Massage (60 mins.)

Our Pearl massage is done with a rich and deluxe massage oil that leaves your skin supple and gleaming with a pearly satiny look. This luscious oil perfumes your body and is perfect for brides-to-be.

Watat Massage (90 mins.)

This rich African traditional massage session includes our exfoliating Watat Scrub that is enriched with nourishing honey, oats, cinnamon and more followed by our Watat Milk massage that fully nourishes and moisturizes the skin leaving it supple and soft. 

Shirodhara (60 mins.)

 Shirodhara is a classic Ayurvedic therapy, which is done by pouring warm herbal oil on the forehead. This therapeutic massage is very effective in promoting sound sleep and reducing stress and chronic headaches. The warm oils stimulate and soothe the hypothalamus, resulting in a regulated function of the pituitary gland and inducing sleep. Shirodhara also reduces the levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and nor-adrenaline, thus relaxing your mind. The medicated oils are also absorbed by the scalp which in return stimulates the hair follicles.

Bamboo Massage (60 mins.)

The Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese cultures have always appreciated the benefits that are withheld in the bamboo. This exotic treatment incorporates bamboo stalks of different lengths to provide deep-tissue work. It promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage.

Candle Massage (60 mins.)

Our candle massage combines warm essences and professional movements leaving you extremely relaxed and with awakened senses. The soothing aroma of the candle takes you on a journey of senses and exploring your mind.

Sakura Massage (60 mins.)

The blooming of flowers in springtime marks a beginning of a new life, cherry blossoms are one of the world most appreciated flowers. With their extracts, our Sakura Massage is rich with antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits. Cherry blossom extracts demonstrates a great function in healing damaged skin.

Full Body Scrub (45 mins.)

Our Full Body Scrub is done with all natural ingredients that slough off dead skin and brightens the skin. This treatment removes toxins and promotes healthy cell turnover. The scrubs are infused with relaxing essential oils that give relaxing aromas during the session.


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